Government Code Section 65995 and California Education Code Section 17620 allows school districts to impose fees on residential and commercial development within the School District's boundaries. Fees collected are used specifically for the construction of additional school facilities.  这些费用不用于维护、书籍、课堂材料或教师工资. 



请点击上面的选项卡查看常见问题的答案.  If your question is not listed please contact the 维修部门 by phone at 408-347-5100 or email at facilities@furdies.net. 


Developer fees can be paid in person at the 维修部门 at the District Office.
830 N. 国会大街. 
圣何塞CA 95133
dafa888在主停车场远端的移动设备里, 寻找指引你去维修办公室的标志. 
dafa888的正常营业时间是周一至周五上午9点至11点,下午2点至4点.  It is advisable to make an appointment by calling 408-347-5100 or emailing facilities@furdies.net as business hours are subject to change depending on holidays, vacations, and other factors. 
When arriving please have a copy of the City or County School District Referral Form as well as your payment method.  dafa888目前接受个人支票、商业支票和银行本票以及汇票.   目前不支持信用卡付款.   您将被要求完成 开发者费用申请 which can be filled out in advance and brought to your appointment or completed at the time of your appointment. 
Once your application is processed you will be provided with the stamped copy of the Referral Form which you will return to the City or County Building Department as well as paperwork for your records. 


8月23日生效, 2020年dafa888联合高中区目前收取的开发商费用为:
住宅 $1.36 /平方英尺
商业/工业 $0.22 /平方英尺


Developer fees are charged upon new residential construction and/or additions over 500 square feet.
Developer fees are charged upon all commercial/industrial development and redevelopment projects and are calculated based on "chargeable covered and enclosed space".  Government Code Section 65995(b)(2) defines covered and enclosed space as space determined to be within the perimeter of a commercial or industrial structure, 不包括建筑物主要用途附带的任何储存区, 车库, 停车场, 没围起来的人行道, 或公用设施或处置区. The determination of the chargeable covered and enclosed space within the perimeter of a commercial or industrial structure shall be made by the building department of the city or county issuing the building permit, 符合该市、县的建筑标准的.
商业发展包括, 但不限于, 任何酒店, 酒店, 汽车旅馆, 旅游回家, or other lodging for which the maximum term of occupancy for guests does not exceed 30 days, 但不包括任何住宅酒店, as defined in paragraph (1) of subdivision (b) of Section 50519 of the 健康 and Safety Code.
  • Any facility used exclusively for religious purposes that is thereby exempt from property taxation.
  • Any facility used exclusively as a private full-time day school as described in Section 48222 of the Education Code.
  • 由一个或多个联邦机构拥有和占用的任何设施, 状态, 或者地方政府.
Exempted developments must still complete a 开发者费用申请 and have paperwork provided by the City or County Building Department completed and stamped. 


Developer fees are charged to fund school facilities needed because of the expected increase in student population caused by the development.  政府代码65995, Education Code 17620 and Assembly Bill 2926 granted school districts the right to levy fees to offset the impact on school facilities from new residential and commercial/industrial developments. 


A developer may protest development fees imposed by the District as outlined in Government Code Section 66020.  To protest fees the developer must tender payment in full for the disputed development fees.  Once payment is received, the developer must submit a written protest of the fees within 90 days.
  • 被抗议的物业地址.
  • 缴费日期.
  • The name, mailing address, phone number and email address of the developer of the property.
  • 要求支付的款项已支付的声明.
  • A 状态ment informing the 董事会 of the factual elements of the dispute and the legal theory forming the basis for the protest.
设施,维护 & 运营总监
830 N. 国会大街.


如果您的项目被取消,您可以要求退还已支付的开发费用.  完成 退款申请表格 发邮件到facilities@esuhsd.组织或送交:
You must attach with the 退款申请表格 a copy of the City or County Building Department's Referral Form indicating that the project is canceled.  


是的,转换会收取费用.  Changing the occupancy from commercial/industrial to residential is considered new residential construction and is charged at the residential rate.
Likewise converting an exempt structure or space (such as a 车库 into a residential space or storage space into occupied space) would result in fees even if there is no addition or construction per se.  


No.  参议院第13号法案豁免了城市, 县, and special districts from charging developer fees on auxiliary dwelling unit's (ADU's) under 750 square feet.  School districts are independently authorized to levy school developer fees per Education Code 17620.  参议院第13号法案没有修改, suspend or mention Education Code 17620 therefor it does not restrict school districts ability to charge impact fees. 


dafa888联合高中区 is a Union School District meaning we serve students during a portion of their educational career.  dafa888的支线学区为小学阶段的学生提供服务.  Due to this split we and the elementary school district each receive a portion of the developer fee.  Generally you pay no more in fees than you would in a unified school district where the entirety of the child's educational career is in one school district .